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People tend to have the perception that if you own a BMW in the Philippines, it's going to be expensive to maintain. A few years ago, we were no different. The costs of maintaining our 3 Series and 5 Series BMWs began to weigh us down to the point that we considered trading in our cars for something more practical. But being car enthusiasts to the bone, nothing would separate us from the look, feel and experience of driving our beloved Bimmers.

In the beginning, we were only looking for replacement BMW parts and BMW car accessories for our own consumption. We needed to find a trusted supplier of quality parts that would not break the bank. We even went to the extent of canvassing in other countries for the best deals on OEM car parts for personal use. Eventually, we were able to establish a network of contacts that would allow us enrich our passion for BMW cars while maintaining our other financial responsibilities.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was only natural for us to take what we had learned and turn it into a business. Active in the Manila BMW car enthusiast crowd, many of our first customers were friends who were grateful to be able to benefit from insider information on how to find the most affordable prices for high quality car accessories and parts. Eventually, word spread that we were able to offer some of the best prices on OEM BMW parts in the local market.

Today, we are able to experience the satisfaction of knowing that we can help out other enthusiasts who are in the same predicament that we were in just a few years ago. In fact, with help from Bimparts, maintaining a BMW in the Philippines can be even more affordable than maintaining a comparable Japanese car.

We offer everything from BMW wheels, suspension parts, shocks, filters, belts, and more to keep your car in top condition without the prohibitive maintenance costs.

Today, Bimparts is quickly becoming well known as a supplier of affordable and reliable OEM car parts in Metro Manila, and all over the Philippines. By keeping low overhead and operating mostly online and over the phone, Bimparts is able to save on costs, which translates to more affordable prices for our customers. We offer high-quality OEM BMW parts as well as OEM MINI car parts.

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